Paradise Vacation at Cancun, Mexico

Phew, putting together this post was a doozie!! As I mentioned in my previous entry, I had gone away on vacation to Cancun, Mexico for a week; it was one of the best experiences that I've had in my life, and I ended up with a lot of photos and video footage to share with you guys! But then I started school & been into playing league recently, so I ended up puttin this post on the back burner (oops!) Check out my vacation vlog below!

Now, I wanna start off by talking a little bit about the resort we stayed at, Oasis Tulum. In the video description I've linked their website! We booked our flight with Sunwing, and got a package deal (all-included) so you're covering the cost of the flight, resort and everything within it.

When we arrived at the Mexican airport, there was a shuttle bus waiting for us and the other arrivals from Toronto. Everyone had a different resort destination, and luckily ours was the first stop! I'd say it was around a 30-40minute bus ride which wasn't too bad. The driver said the very last stop would have taken two hours, so I think our spot was really convenient. Here's some shots around the resort!

At nightime, the entire place lit up with shining colourful lights. 

I forgot to take pictures of what our room looked like besides this one, but it was pretty airy and cabana themed. The AC was always on high so the room was super cool. (Don't mind the mess.)

Here's a shot of our own lobby area, and view from our window! 

The resort itself was absolutely beautiful, and I ending up telling so many of my friends about it when I got home, cause a lot of people I know have been to places like Cuba already, so I think Mexico is a great first/second time vacation spot to experience.

The facilities were pristine, and the employees that worked there were gracious and very welcoming. I love how friendly everyone was and it really settled my nerves because I was anxious about not being able to communicate. If you're unsure about going to Mexico, Oasis Tulum is the resort I personally recommend to you. Around the resort there were also a ton of different pools that you could choose to swim in, so for the day we just relaxed around the pools. My green two-piece pictured below is from Forever21, and the floral one is from H&M! (pictured later.) The white throw-on is from Bikini Bay.

The pool areas also had really beautiful cabana beds that had plenty of space for yourself/your belongings. You could leave your things unattended, and no one would touch it. (Even my camera!)

 The next day, we visited was Tulum! (Enjoy the scenic shots!!)

It was SUCH a hot day, that we were practically roasting in the sun. Coupled with the humidity: death. Luckily there's a lot of shade with the jungle surrounding the ruins, so we got some relief heading back. For my outfit this day I took the opportunity to rock my shark tooth necklace from Las Vegas LOL.

Just in general we saw a lot of iguanas in Mexico... like, a lot. Iguanas to Mexico are like our squirrels to Canada; They're absolutely everywhere. (We also saw some other cool wild life along the way!)

Nice Mr. Iguana <3

We also saw some of these guys!! They're called Coati and remind me of lemurs!

Outside the area of the ruins there were a lot of street vendors selling colourful souvenirs.

Our whole day was spent at the ruins and then the next day, we basically just chilled at the resort and explored more of the beach, since we already visited most of the pools. I absolutely loved it!!

 It was like every place was a scenic backdrop just asking to have photos taken in. This was one of my particularly favourite spots! It was a small pier leading out to secluded hammocks.

Also when I sat in that hammock, the first time I nearly flipped backwards LOL

The sunhat you see me sporting in most if not all the photos is from Forever21 and it was an absolutely life saver in preventing heat strokes and sunburns. A+ recommend.

*I was a pro at diving for starfish under rocks & had a fun time entertaining the kids on the beach*

The next day afterwards, we headed to Chichen Itza, which are the larger Mayan temples and what most people will recognize since it's one of the seven wonders of the world!


After we were starting to leave, rain clouds began to gather and right as we got back on our tour bus it started raining. We lucked out cause while we were leaving, others were arriving.

We hopped back on the bus and a bit later on our tour we visited a beautiful sinkhole you could swim in! It's too bad I didn't have a bathing suit with me cause  I'd have dived right in!

Afterwards we headed to the nearby local city (apparently it's one of the oldest in Mexico, but I can't recall the name...) for some lunch. They took us to an awesome AYCE place.


In the town square, there were these cool performers dressed in traditional Mayan clothing. 

All in all, it was a really great tour. On a seperate day, I went snorkeling with sea turtles!! The bay that had them was full of sea grass, which they graze on daily. They were super friendly and when they swam to the surface to breathe, you could literally be 5 inches away from it's face.

While on the snorkeling guide I met this girl who happened to have an underwater GoPro camera!! The underwater shots are thanks to her camera, and we also took a lot of video footage. (She's emailing me the rest of the photographs and film clips later on so I'll add them here when she does!)

Back at our own resort, I mentioned in my video vlog that I found lots of cool things under the water. Here's the huge conch shell I found while I was out exploring! It was surprisingly occupied!!

Also some fisherman brought in these huuuge fish, so I asked if I could take photos!!

Besides lounging on the beach, my favourite part of the resort was deeeeefinitely their open restaurants and bars. There were several all-you-can-eat places with different themes, and I the atmosphere was very relaxed cause you can either serve yourself, or the service was extremely fast. There were also these tropical black birds all around the place just waiting to steal your left overs!! This rascal sporting a pirate peg leg kept nibbling our leftovers.


The food was super fresh, had a variety of both ethnic and back-at-home stables, and there was something different being served every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We never once left unsatisfied or bored. The places also had open concepts, so you could either choose to sit inside or outside. There was also half a dozen stray cats around the resort!
 Most were friendly and after I would sneak out smoked salmon for a couple of them, they warmed right up to me and came running when they saw me ahahah. I wish I wasn't allergic cause I would have taken em home with me! 

Back on the water, another person told us that if you throw some food into the water, fish would come.... AND THEY DIDDD!! The best was when you could put on your goggles, and feed the undwerwater. The swam all around me completely unafraid and very hungry. 

 You'll also see a lot of my sunglasses in this post... why?! Cause it was sunny, duh. (Totally not cause I didn't bother putting on any makeup and jumped into the water pretty much right after pics were taken...)

There was also one pool that went directly right onto the beach, isn't that cool?

How did I do for my first vacation vlog?  If I ever get the chance again, I'd definitely share more traveling experiences with you guys. It's something different from what I usually do~!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, I'll see you guys in my next post!


  1. that's the paradise OwO also comes whit an angel in the photos <3 , I have a friend in cancun maybe sometime , need to visite her TuT is so beautiful , love it n.n

    1. heuehehe you flatter me, thank-you <3 and you're so lucky, If I had a friend in Cancun I'd find time every summer just to visit them!! :P


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