OOTD + Surprise Baby Raccoons!!

Hello hello, how is everyone this evening/afternoon/morning wherever you might be? Since I'm going on vacation to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow there unfortunately won't be any video up this week… but! I will be bringing both of my DSLR cameras to hopefully capture a lot of good photographs AND video footage! It'll be my first time attempting to vlog a vacation I'm on so when I come back in a week my next video will feature my time spent there! Excited yet?! Anywhooo~ onto my OOTD!

Black Top: H&M
Floral Romper: UK2LA
Knee-High Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Ardenes

Lately it's been raining quite often, so some days have cooled down a fair bit (when it's not hot enough to cook a sunny side egg up on the sidewalk outside) so this is one of my recent outfits to a small outing to a park. I should invest in more black-based items in my wardrobe; it gives a refreshing look after wearing so much pastel (which I also still love to wear ahahaha!) Of course, I also love colour and flower print so my romper features a bright rose print. Super comfy!

The park I was visiting with my friend was very scenic and has a lot of pretty places to take photographs. I might visit it for future OOTD posts as well! *casually poses on a rock*


So many beautiful flowers smiling for the camera! 

While we were taking photos we noticed some fuzzy little bodies moving around the pond... upon taking a closer look.... BABY RACCOONS!! They were absolutely adorable and didn't seem to be afraid of people.. granted no one else besides us even noticed them there.


(There were a total of four little babies scurrying around, gladly posing for my camera.)


Oh! My heart!They were so so so cute. I love raccoons despite their bad reputation. By the
time we finished walking around taking photos the sun was already starting to set. We ended up spending a lot of time just oggling the little ones ahahaha. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post, I'll be back to posting when I return from Cancun next week! In the meantime, if you haven't seen this last weeks video (you'll have to excuse the exposure, I forgot to check before I started filming ahahaha.) I talk a bit about my favourite anime this summer! Check it!


  1. that this beautiful landscape and raccoon , you look spectacular.
    great if you're in mexico mexico I am , I hope you have fun and take beautiful experiences.
    rocket racoon rules

    1. thank you very much! and aren't they just the cutest lil things!! they made a surprise by crashing our photoshoot but we were very pleased ahahah <3 can't wait to bring back home lots of great photos!


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