Circle Lense Review: G&G Max Pure Green + G&G Dreamy Green

This is gonna be my first circle lense review! I've always been interested in circle lenses as they can play an integral role for an accurate cosplay, but also because they can really enhance and/or change your eye colour with the right pair. When I was contacted by PinkyParadise to do a review, I browsed their website and ended up being highly interested in reviewing these two pairs of natural green lenses! I thought they'd look extremely close to my natural pale green eye colour; they hit it right on the money.

EOS/G&G - Max Pure Green (Product Page)
To be honest, these lenses are probably my favourite out of the two. After I had them in for a few hours I couldn't feel them on my eyes, and probably only had to put in eye drops once when they started to feel a little bit dry, after about two hours. The thing I love about these lenses is how incredibly natural they appear on my light coloured eyes! I'm a big fan of the natural gradient in the limbal ring because it doesn't look harsh at all and looks super natural even from up close. [LENSE REVIEW ON DARK EYES]

NATURAL EFFECT -     - EXTREMELY natural, lighter limbal ring unnoticeable.
BLENDING EFFECT -     - organic pattern aids in blending on dark/light eyes.
COMFORT LEVEL -     - can't feel the sensation of wearing them at all.
ENLARGEMENT -      - personally, 14.5mm is a perfect size for me.

G&G - Dreamy Green (Product Page) 
The only places these lenses lose a bit of points in my book is in the thicker and darker limbal ring; if you have really light coloured eyes like mine, it makes your eyes look extremely doe-eyed and a bit unnatural. I'd recommend these for something like cosplay or photoshoots because they'll show up really well in photographs, whereas the lighter limabl ring in the first pair won't be as contrasted. I also required a few more eye drops so that I wouldn't constantly feel the sensation of them sitting on my eyes, but overall they were pretty comfortable, and they didn't hurt. [LENSE REVIEW ON DARK EYES.]

NATURAL EFFECT -      - the darker limbal ring is more noticeable on lighter eyes.
BLENDING EFFECT -      - organic pattern aids in blending on dark/light eyes.
COMFORT LEVEL -      - dried out fairly quicker after a few hours, required more drops.
ENLARGEMENT -      - the size at 14.5mm I find is already more than enough.

SERVICE -     ★ - quick responses, & suggested my prescription vs. -0.00

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PinkyParadise helped answer any and all questions I had about circle lenses and helped put my concerns at ease. I've never worn circle lenses before so I'm glad I got the opportunity to try them out myself! Hope you enjoyed the review, if you have any questions yourself I'd love to help answer them.


  1. excellent review, I loved you so much for the information . I will wait for new reviews.
    love you <3

    1. thank you so much, I'm glad for my first review you love it ( ᐛ )و ♡ will always strive to bring you the best high quality reviews ♡ ♡

  2. I really like the macro photos of your eyes, and good quality video too uwu

  3. An hotdorable girl with gorgeously epic green eyes on her. A perfect example of a real life waifu. x3

    Looking forward to some more circle lenses reviews from you in the future.

    1. lmaolmao that's the first time I've ever received a compliment that combines adorable + hot bahahahah thank you glad you enjoyed it! thanks for reading my blog! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶


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