DIY Devil Horns

I recently posted an easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own pair of devil horns. With Halloween come and gone, I thought being able to create your own costume would be fun and cute... I probably should have put it up a couple weeks earlier, but of course being me, I was too lazy to get around filming.. I procrastinate even the things that I want to do. (In my defence, you can still wear these whenever you want....)

The mold was created with JOVI air dry clay and painted with Liquitex 'BASICS' Acrylic paint; I used black to match my outfit but you can use any colour you want.. changing the shape and length of the horns is also up to you. 

When they've finished drying you can also use sandpaper to smooth them out even more. With epoxy glue, I attached them to a headband because it supports the weight a lot better than clips; I have very fine hair so the clips didn't stick well and just slid down my head hahaha 


  1. These are so cute! I wore a cat kigurumi this year :3

  2. I didnt do anything this halloween ): I wish I did though.


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