Spring Babydoll OOTD

 With spring coming to a close and the first day of summer officially begun, I'm excited to show you one of my favourite outfits from the spring! This OOTD was great for early to mid spring and even later in the season; when we were experiencing milder weather that gave me more opportunities to throw on longer sleeves. It's been rain storming quiet a bit but with summer upon on us, I'm expecting warmer weather henceforth! I'm excited with having finished my classes with summer break upon us.

 Jacket: Banana Republic
Tasseled Scarf: Second-hand
Yellow Knit Sweater: Second-hand
Belt/Boots: old/unknown
Shoulder Bag: Roots
Stockings: Ebay
Floral Skirt: Katie

First off can I say just how much I love this backpack! It's got an interchangeable looped strap so you can easily wear it as a backpack or have it over your shoulder as a handbag. I love the quality of Roots bags as you know you're investing into the years they'll give back to you in use. It's always great to support a Canadian brand as well; all their bags are made here with care, durability in mind.

The yellow sweater and scarf that I'm sporting was gifted to me by my best friend Michelle (who runs her own blog, "The Monday Crunch" check it out); I love to be able to up-cycle my own and my friends clothes simply by giving the clothes a new home! A lot of clothes that end up donated don't end up getting thrifted, so it's good to know someone who'll still get some use out of it! I was also thinking of putting together a video showing you items I've recently thrifted in the past couple months in order to encourage people to help combat unsustainable fast fashion.

...It's funny worth mentioning she had originally used this sweater for an Arthur costume.
And I say hey! What a wonderful kind of day!

I really love the look of being able to wear a cinched high waisted skirt with a long sleeve. As people may also already know, I'm also a huge fan of faux thigh highs since they're so convenient. I ordered several white pairs that'll hopefully last me through the rest of the year! They can go with so many different outfits.

Necklace/Ring: Forever21

Hope you guys enjoyed the look! Putting together OOTD's is definitely a lot of fun because it's a great way to show how you style certain items, and looking at other people's takes on similar things is always a lot of fun and gives you something to take away. I hope this post did that for you! I also filmed a new video the other day so be expecting a new upload very soon! Love you all very much and I'll see you in my next post <3 Follow me on twitter/facebook while you wait!

 (Enjoy these pictures of a cheeky falcon who came and busted our photoshoot! Warning contains dead squirrel. Gotta love the Canadian wildlife.)

And we're off!


  1. Looking good, glad to see you posting again! 😄

  2. you always look awesome :3 , that pretty cute outfit UwU <3 love you annette :´v also took picture of pidgeotto :D UuU i missing your videos <3 greetings :D

    1. Thank you so much <3 the hawk was definitely a real treat! New video is coming soon next week! ;)

  3. Your outfit looks gorgeous, and you look gorgeous wearing it! I love the cinched high waisted Katie skirt and the colours of its floral print, the beautiful yellow colour of your cable-knit sweater, the crocheted edges/tassels of your scarf, the white thigh-high stay-ups, the jacket, your pretty hair and lovely eyeliner! The close-up pics of the falcon are amazing.


    1. This is probably the loviest if not one of the nicest comments I've ever received, I love when people share what they think with me ♡ it always makes me so happy when someone notices all the little details!


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